Document Types


The first document type you’ll find on is manuals. These manuals can walk you through a plethora of tasks, such as writing scripts, backing up and restoring data, and porting. You can even find user guides to help you through installing and maintaining operating systems and applications. You can find a beginner’s guide for Bash, FreeBSD, EVMS, and Emacspeak. With these manuals, you can wrangle a new operating system or application without getting stuck in a particular installation step or getting too frustrated with troubleshooting.

Step-by-Step Guides

Another type of document in is how-to guides. These are somewhat more specific to certain tasks than manuals. You can find documents that can teach you how to model and render 3D graphics, bandwidth management, server setups, and power saving. These how-to guides span all subjects, so you’ll be sure to find a resource on a particular task you’re trying to learn about. How-to guides are one of the most numerous documents on, which means that there’s a wealth of topics that the guides cover.


In any given topic, there is a set of questions that a lot of people have. While these questions can be addressed each time someone asks, there is also of course the option of compiling the most common questions and collecting them in single documents. Frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about free open source software can be found compiled together in FAQ documents in These FAQs are often about basic concepts and aspects of a certain software, so they are definitely worth looking into.

Man Pages

The term “man pages” is the shortened form of “manual pages”. Man pages are documents that are part of the software documentation of a computer system. Unix or Unix-like operating systems usually have this type of documentation.  The man pages in are divided into eight sections covering specific aspects of operating systems: programs, system calls, subroutine libraries, hardware, configuration files, games, miscellaneous, system administration. These man pages can be found under the commands section and the man pages section of the site.